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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada

Archaeology of Prince Wales Fort
Organic Recoveries

Organic remains have been discovered in the rampart fill of Prince of Wales Fort (1731-1782).

The recoveries were made during archaeological investigations as part of a Wall Stabilization Project.

The preservation of wood, textile, animal fur and hide is a result of unique environmental conditions and pristine deposits at the fort. The items offer a view of everyday life of the men who worked there and the people who visited, the types of implements used by the tradesman, style of clothing worn, types of containers for shipping and receiving goods and items from trade.

Cross-section of Rampart Wall
Excavation : Door and Wheelbarrow | Barrel and Cask

Poster: Organic recoveries at Prince of Wales Fort
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Cross-section of rampart wall Conservation Excavation Door and Wheelbarrow Barrel and Cask