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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site of Canada


Activities at Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site © Parks Canada

Perched at the edge of wilderness, Prince of Wales Fort is a rare glimpse into a fortified fur trading empire’s outpost during Canada’s early years. Explore the fortifications with a guide, imagining daily life in this remote setting surrounded by nature. Travel upriver to the fort’s 18th century winter harbour at Sloop Cove where signatures carved into stone bring a poignant, human touch to an otherwise wild landscape.

Featured Activities

Hands on History

Hands on History: Archaeology of Prince of Wales Fort
As a member of the archaeology team, you will be re-discovering what life was like at the fort. Working side-by-side with Parks Canada archaeologists you will excavate, screen and document their discoveries in the field, as well as clean and identify artifacts in a field lab.

Prince of Wales Fort Guided Tours

Prince of Wales Fort Guided Tours
Look beyond the stones with a Parks Canada guide on an exploration of Prince of Wales Fort, peering into the past of a Hudson’s Bay Company fur trade outpost and the men whose lives created history.

Sloop Cove Hike

The Sloop Cove Hike
Zodiac to Sloop Cove, the fort’s winter harbour, to see 18th century signatures engraved in stone belonging to Hudson’s Bay Company men before tundra-hiking back amid wildlife to Prince of Wales Fort with stops at archaeological sites on the way.

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Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site is situated in polar bear country, and visitors should be aware of the possibilities of an encounter with a bear. Follow all posted signs, be sure to talk to staff about recent sightings and remember camping is not permitted due to the safety risk.