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Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Senior Years Programs

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Prejudice and Bias in Red River (9–12)

The governor and the storekeeper The governor and the storekeeper
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Your students are invited to take part in Red River society; at the start of the activity, students will be assigned class, race, and gender roles. With a costumed interpreter as their guide, the group will then visit various homes and establishments around the Fort, experiencing different welcomes. Students will quickly learn the effects of prejudice and bias on 19th-century society, as well as the importance of questioning stereotypes today.

Length: Two (2) hours

Quest For The Cache (9–12)

History and Geography come together in this high-tech outdoor recreational activity – Geocaching! Through a hands-on tutorial, students are introduced to the basic operation of a Global Position System (GPS) hand unit. Students test their newly acquired navigation skills as they explore Lower Fort Garry in search of clues that will ultimately lead them to a hidden treasure. Speaking with historic characters, reading signs and brochures, intuition and logic are just a few of the tools that your students will require to help them reach their final destination.

Length: Two (2) hours