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Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Early Years Programs

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Early Years Programs Early Years Programs
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The Big Stone Fort (K - 2)

Students will participate in an interactive story that explains how Lower Fort Garry came to be built where it proudly stands today. Students learn the importance of choosing the perfect place to build a community. After the story, an interpreter takes your students on a short visit to see historic buildings and to meet some of the people of the Fort.

Length: Two (2) hours

Beaver on the Coin (3 - 4)

Working in groups and led by an interpreter, students go on a treasure hunt to locate symbols throughout Lower Fort Garry with the use of a map and a worksheet. The interpreter tells a story about each symbol, relating it to our province and country's history. By the end of the treasure hunt, students will appreciate the symbols we see around us, and understand how symbols represent our past.

Length: Two (2) hours