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The Forks National Historic Site of Canada

School Programs

Parks Canada costumed interpreter shows students artifacts. History takes on new meaning for students.
© Parks Canada / D. Harper

This year we are offering three exciting school programs
Wednesday to Friday from May 21 to June 27, 2014.

Tours: $1.90 per student*
Cache Me If You Can!: $2.90 per student*

For bookings, please call 204-98-FORKS (204-983-6757)

*Prices may be subject to change.
Programs offered weather permitting.

Unpacking the Past

Grades K-3

The Forks has been a gathering place for 6,000 years, but where did these travellers come from, why did they travel so far from home and what did they bring with them? A costumed interpreter unpacks the past as students discover the stories, items, and games that have made their way to The Forks over the centuries.

Social Studies Curriculum:

  • Kindergarten: Cluster 3
  • Grade 1: Clusters1, 2, 3
  • Grade 2: Clusters 1, 2, 3
  • Grade 3: Cluster 3

6,000 years in 60 minutes!

Grades 4-12

Discover The Forks' hidden history! Take a 6,000-year journey with a Parks Canada costumed interpreter and uncover what lies beneath your feet. Learn the fate of the four fur trading posts and hear the epic stories behind this meeting place. Through curious objects and colourful characters, the history of The Forks comes to life in this easy walking tour.

Social Studies Curriculum:

  • Grade 4: Cluster 3, 4
  • Grade 5: Cluster 1, 2, 3, 4
  • Grade 6: Cluster 1
  • Grade 7: Cluster 2, 4
  • Grade 8: Cluster 1
  • Grade 9: Cluster 1
  • Grade 10: Cluster 5
  • Grade 11: Cluster 1
  • Grade 12: Global Issues

Cache Me If You Can!

Grade 5-12

Do you have what it takes to solve a history mystery at The Forks? Put your students' detective skills to the test! Using GPS technology and a self-guided booklet, solve the clues and find the cache.

Two geocache programs available:

  • Rails to Riches
  • Furs, Forts & Fast Food