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The Forks National Historic Site of Canada

Variety Heritage Adventure Park Map

The Metropolis

A boy plays in the splash park in the Metropolis zone of the Variety Heritage Adventure Park Cool off in the Metropolis area splash park and admire pieces of buildings from Winnipeg’s past.
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Fun Stuff to Try!

  • Look closely around you and discover actual pieces of Winnipeg’s early buildings! If you are curious about where they came from, check out the "Pieces of the Past" game board
  • See what's playing at the historic Pantages Playhouse
  • If it's a hot day, why not cool off in the splash park?

Did You Know?

By 1904, Winnipeg boasted three daily newspapers: the Winnipeg Telegram, the Winnipeg Tribune, and the Manitoba Free Press!

With all those people arriving to settle in the new city of Winnipeg, development really started to take off. The city grew in all directions. Whether it was grain, leather, or clothing—if you needed to buy or sell something, you could find a place to do it in Winnipeg, the “Chicago of the North”!

If you look around downtown today, you can see lots of evidence of Winnipeg’s boom period. For example, the Exchange District is recognized as a National Historic Site because of its one-of-a-kind warehouses, buildings and streets, reflecting architectural styles from the beginning of the 1900s.

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