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Fort St. James National Historic Site

Spend the night in 1896!

Live like a Fur Trade Officer for the night  Live like a Fur Trade Officer for the night © Parks Canada

Have a whole National Historic Site to yourself for the night. Stay in the luxurious Murray house where the chief factor A.C. Murray and his family lived in 1896. Guests are greeted by our friendly Parks Canada staff that will check you in to the heritage building for the night complete with original bedding and artifacts in all the rooms.

Enjoy the sunset on Stuart Lake over dinner  Enjoy the sunset on Stuart Lake over dinner
© Bayden Austring

The site closes at 5:00 pm, but not for you. The Old Fort Cafe is yours alone. Sit back and take in the stunning view down Stuart Lake while you enjoy a traditional dinner, from salmon or ribs to stew and bannock served by our costumed interpreters. In the morning you may awake to the sound of sheep hooves on the boardwalk or the crow of our rooster (who also lives in the Murray house) but fear not, freshly brewed coffee, sausages, pancakes and eggs await you for breakfast in the warm cozy cafe. (photo: bed and breakfast stew)

Important information for Guests:  

Freshly made beef stew  Freshly made beef stew © Parks Canada
  • Open yearly June to September.
  • Prices are $100/person and is limited to one group per night. Maximum occupancy is 4 people accommodations include two bedrooms with double beds. Discounted price of $300 for
    party of 4.
  • Reservations must be made 24 hrs in advance. Fort St. James National Historic Site also works with a
    24 hour cancellation policy.
  • Choose your dinner from our full menu when you book your stay with us.
  • Luxury in 1896 did not include indoor plumbing. Showers and washroom facilities are available in separate buildings a short walk from the main sleeping quarters. Flashlights are included for those midnight jaunts.
  • Check in time is 4pm, when you will receive an introductory tour of your accommodations for the night.

Reservations recommended