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Fort Langley National Historic Site

School Programs

Fur Trade Challenge (intermediate students)

The Hawaiian game of Ulu Maika 
Did you know Fort Langley had Hawaiian workers? Play the Hawaiian game of Ulu Maika
© Parks Canada / S. Munn 2015 

Students work in teams to complete hands-on activities such as assembling a bucket, identifying furs, learning a different language, re-enacting the proclamation of BC and more! Along the way, they discover how the Hudson’s Bay Company and local First Nations groups related with each other. We provide a lesson plan and story, “Jimmy Goes Home,” for teachers to use in the classroom.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify effects of early contact between Aboriginal societies and European explorers and settlers
  • Compare bartering and monetary systems of exchange
  • Describe the significance of the Fraser River gold rush in the development of BC & Canada 

Teacher Information

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