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Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Sites


Artists in Fort Rodd Hill and Fisgard

Artists are taking the fort!
Artists are taking the fort!
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Artists are taking the fort! This summer join them and take part in a brand new program featuring amazing local artists.

From June 27 to September 11, members of the Coast Collective will take turns performing, displaying their art and sharing their passion with the public. Colorful paintings, creative beach art, stunning sketches, unique pottery... Join in as they provide hands-on tips and an opportunity to create your own masterpiece. 


June 27 to July 3

July 4 to July 10

July 11 to July 17

July 18 to July 24

July 25 to July 31

August 1 to August 7

August 8 to August 14

August 15 to August 21

August 22 to August 28

August 29 to September 4

September 5 to September 11

Artist Bios

Donna Cole O’Grady — Watercolours

Donna, a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design, is now focusing her creative energy on watercolours after a successful career as an art director and graphic designer.
“The inspiration for my art is based in the ever-changing patterns of light, colour and texture which occur in nature. Watercolours reflect the spontaneity and fluidity of my subject matter. My goal is to capture the energy of a moment in time and excite the imagination. Working ‘en plein air’ keeps my images fresh.”

Elfrida Schragen — Oils & Acrylics

Biography coming soon.

Jan Pelton — Watercolour

Jan Pelton was born and raised in Victoria. In 1991, after completing her Masters in Art Education, Jan began to develop her own artistic interests and continues to develop her skills with her favorite medium, watercolour. The intrigue of this medium for Jan is the way in which the paint can react differently every time the brush is put to paper. Since retiring in 2007, Jan has continued to hone her skills.

Shena Meadowcroft — Fibre art, watercolours, acrylics and found items

Born in England of Celtic descent, Shena Meadowcroft spent her formative years in Belgium. She immigrated to Canada at the age of 25 and moved to Vancouver Island in 2001. Trained professionally as a classical ballet dancer, with a diploma in fashion design, Shena has pursued an extensive career in business and art. As an Artist, Writer, Teacher and Intuitive Life Consultant, she now makes her home on Gabriola Island, living and working in the solitude of nature, with rocks and trees to soothe her soul and the ocean to remind her of the rhythm of life. Shena is presently working on a series of children’s books integrating her love of nature, writing and art.

Lynne Palser – Watercolours

Biography coming soon.

Roger Palser - Woodcarving

Biography coming soon.

Arlene Welch - Acrylics

Biography coming soon.

Stephen Norton - Stonecarving/Glasswork

Biography coming soon.

Joanne Weremy – Acrylics

Biography coming soon.

Nell Arzab – Mixed media, collage, assemblage, acrylics and encaustic

Nell Arzab, a mixed media artist from Regina, Saskatchewan, has been making art since she learned to melt crayons on the back of the coal & wood stove when she was 5 years old. Nell joined the Regina Encaustic Group for a few years, producing works of art from melted wax which she has shown in their group shows. She has not limited herself to any one medium though and has also worked in sculpture and collage, acrylic painting and her latest passion, found object art, which encompasses all of the mediums above. It is with great pleasure that Nell will be spending time on the West Coast this summer to pursue both her love of art and the ocean.

Terri Rodstrom – Painter and stained glass artist

Terri loves to paint. She loves the energy that builds inside and flows out to the tip of the brush. No formal art education, but always learning. She was the owner of “Sure I’ll Paint It” sign painting and murals business in Courtenay for 12 years before re-rooting back to the highlands of Victoria. Terri works on the 10,000 strokes theory, the more you paint the better you get. Terri is also a stained glass artist.

Anne Krauss – Acrylics

As an artist, Anne works in many different mediums. She started out in college as a printmaker and painter. When Anne moved to Europe, she was exposed to glass engraving and worked in this medium for several years. She also started working in silver, taking various classes and becoming a jeweller. When she returned to Canada, Anne continued with designing and making silver jewellery and also rediscovered the joy of painting. Anne spends her days developing and experimenting in the creative process.

Jill Singleton – Printmaker

Biography coming soon.

Nicholas Naunheimer – Oils

Biography coming soon.

Richard Wong – Oriental Brush and Watercolor paintings

Richard discovered the “gift” of art shortly after retiring from the workforce when his wife gave him a beginner’s watercolor kit for Christmas. It was truly a gift that has not stopped giving. Richard’s Oriental Brush and Watercolor paintings are delicate, fun and colorful. He enjoys capturing the essence of what he paints. Richard’s works are exhibited locally, and a wider selection of his art can be viewed at his website:

Vonnie Simpkin – Watercolours and pastels

Vonnie is a Victoria native who grew up in the Swan Lake area. Since retiring, she’s been painting with watercolours and pastels. Favorite subject matter ranges from coastal scenery to birds, animals and people, with aging buildings and artifacts somewhere in between.