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Special Events 2015

A family poses for a picture with the Bar U Ranch Percheron horses Family fun at Bar U Ranch National Historic Site
© Parks Canada

Opening Day

Sunday May 17

We swing open the gates at 9 a.m. Take a walk through ranching history, ride a horse-drawn wagon, enjoy free cake at the visitor centre and come meet our genuine cowboy staff!

Bar U Chuckwagon Cook-off and First Annual Pack Horse Competition

Sunday June 7

Come down to the Bar U Ranch, sample some open-fire-prepared stew and biscuits, then enjoy the afternoon entertainment of our first annual Pack Horse Competition. Prizes will be given out for best stew / biscuits and for the fastest pack horse.

Canadian Cowboy Challenge

Saturday June 27: Bar U Ranch Obstacle Challenge Clinic (9 a.m. to 7 p.m.)
Sunday June 28: Bar U Ranch Challenge (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.)

The Canadian Cowboy Challenge is a test of horsemanship where horse and riders complete a timed obstacle course. Watch the clinic take place on June 27, or come see the competition on June 28. The challenge, taking place at the Bar U Ranch Corrals, promises excitement, laughter and a guaranteed unique experience.

Canada Day

Wednesday July 1

Free admission! Come celebrate Canada's 148th birthday with cake, a flag-raising ceremony and family fun day. Step back in time for an old-fashioned country celebration.

Parks Day

Saturday July 18

Stop in and help celebrate Canada’s cultural treasures within Parks Canada. There is always something old, new and fun to discover at the ranch!

20th Anniversary 1st Opening Day

Thursday July 30

We celebrate 20 years since our grand opening. We’ll be serving up cake, fun and other festivities for your family. Stop by for a visit and help to “round-up” new memories for the next 20 years!

Friends of the Bar U Trail Ride

Saturday August 1

Support the Friends of the Bar U Ranch Association on their annual day ride into original Bar U Ranch grazing lands. Ride your own horse or take a seat on a horse-drawn wagon. Everyone is welcome. Call 403-395-3330 or 403-395-3879 for more information.

Old Time Ranch Rodeo

Sunday August 9

Time-honoured and traditional skills of ranching comes to our rodeo arena. Cheer on your favourite ranch as teams of working cowboys compete for silver Bar U buckles - and bragging rights! You’ll be entertained with events such as broke horse racing, wild cow milking, team sorting as well as branding and doctoring.

Chore Horse Competition

Sunday September 6

Watch today's teamsters guide their heavy horse teams around a course of skill-testing manoeuvres. See how skills of days gone by are demonstrated by drivers from 18 to 80 years of age! Keeping horsepower-history alive for all to enjoy and be inspired by.

Most Special Events begin at 1:00pm. All events are subject to cancellation. Surprise events may also be added throughout the season.

A Bar U Ranch cowboy on site Meet our genuine cowboy staff
© Parks Canada
Chuckwagon cooks show off their beef stew Chuckwagon Cook-off cooks
© Parks Canada
A competitor at the Old Time Ranch Rodeo Old Time Ranch Rodeo
© Parks Canada