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Bar U Ranch National Historic Site


A Bar U Ranch cowboy on site

Bar U Ranch is your opportunity to live like a cowboy. Explore the ranch and visit with the ranch hands. Learn to rope a steer, saddle a horse, make bannock, repair a bridle or boil up cowboy coffee on a fire. Wander the trails and dirt roads to discover the history of ranching in Canada. Pop into the stables, the post office and, of course, the cookhouse to learn about "home on the range". Back-dropped by the neighbouring mountains - it's a true Alberta experience!

Featured Activities

Horse-Drawn Wagon Ride
Ride into the heart of the ranch on a horse-drawn wagon. Hear about seven decades of ranching history while touring the buildings. Find out why this location is perfect for ranching.
Roundup Camp
Tucked under the shade of the cottonwood trees is Roundup Camp. Enjoy some bannock and cowboy coffee made over the roaring campfire. Rest on a tree stump and listen to stories of ranch life.
Visit the Cookhouse
You will be taken back in time as you step into the Cookhouse and smell fresh baking.

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