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Transcript for The Art of Camping

[Parks Canada beaver logo]


[Zooming in to Learn-to Camp logo made up of keywords]

[Text on screen: Memories, Awe, Camp, Nature, Positive, Tents, Real, Unique, Friends, Enjoy, Wonderful, Exciting, Wonders, Experience]

[Focus on keyword: Experience]

[Scene of marshmallow roasting at night]

Roasting marshmallows.

[Transition to keyword animation]

[Text on screen: Fun, Inspire, Engage, Wildlife, Amazing, Canada, Discover]

[Focus on keyword: Discover]

[A boy setting up a tent]

The thing I enjoy learning the most is pitching the tents.

[Transition to keyword animation]

[Text on screen: Learn, Meaningful, S'mores, Food, Story, Family, Outdoors, Delight]

[Focus on keyword: Delight]

[Scene of Wickaninnish Beach]

My favorite part of camping is going to the beach!

[Transition to keyword animation]

[Text on screen: Inviting, Parks, National]

[Text on screen: Have you ever thought about camping?]

[Michelle being interviewed at Fort Rodd Hill campground][Text on screen: Michelle, Learn-to Camp Participant]

I’ve been thinking about camping many times.

But first I don’t know where to go, and then I’m not sure what are the necessary things

[Michelle completing tent setup with the help of a Parks Canada staff]

What the camping inside looks like, what they would provide, what we would need to bring.

Every time I think about this, I think “Oh, maybe not... next time”.

[Transits to keyword animation]

[Text on screen: Appreciation, Captivating, Explore]

[Text on screen: So how do you get started?][Text on screen: Dennis Wasylenko, Parks Canada]

[Dennis, a Parks Canada representative, explaining about Learn-to Camp]

Parks Canada provides incredible camping experiences at 43 national parks.

But if you’re new to camping then it’s the Learn-to Camp program that’s best for you.

[Parks Canada welcoming sign]

[Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Green Point campground]

[Mountain Equipment Co-op brand logo]

We’re working with Mountain Equipment Co-op to provide a really safe

comfortable easy-to-access program that’s close to urban centres.

[Dennis, a Parks Canada representative, continuing on in explaining about Learn-to Camp]

First-time campers are unsure of what to bring on their first camping trip.

[Nicely built yellow tent]

[Mountain Equipment Co-op sleeping mats]

[Skewers of vegetables in barbeque]

[Dennis, a Parks Canada representative, continuing on in explaining about Learn-to Camp]

So the Learn-to Camp program provides the camping equipment and food,

and participants just need to pack their basic items and they’re ready to go.

[Pam speaking while carrying her child]

[Text on screen: Pam, Learn-to Camp Participant]

We’ve thought about camping but because we don’t have all of the equipment that we need and all the necessary pieces,

[Pam walking along with child]

[Jeff, a First Nations Parks Canada staff providing information to Learn-to Camp participants]

it was nice to be able to come and have experts help us to learn what we need to do so we can go and do it ourselves.

[Dennis, a Parks Canada representative, continuing on in explaining about Learn-to Camp]

So during the program, participants learn how to set up their campsite and cook in the outdoors,

they also learn how to camp safely, and they also learn how to plan their next camping trip with their friends and family.

[Camping equipment]

[Dennis, a Parks Canada representative, continuing on in explaining about Learn-to Camp]

[Transition to keyword animation]

[Text on screen: Connection, Events]

[Text on screen: How do you know if you enjoy something, until you try it?]

[Thad, a Learn-to Camp participant listening along with others]

[Text on screen: Thad, Learn-to Camp Participant]

I really like to do more of these because it’s quite enjoyable.

I think it just takes you away from all that stress, and all that technology which absorbs our lives.

[Thad's family setting up the tent together]

[Thad being interviewed on campground]

I think the tent exercise is actually a great exercise for families because it gets the participation of everybody.

[Andrea and her daughter reading The Kids Campfire Book]

[Andrea's daughter enjoying herself as she drinks juice]

[Andrea being interviewed on campground][Text on screen: Andrea, Learn-to Camp Participant]

We would definitely try this again; our daughter is thriving in this environment and really enjoying it.

It’s nice to be outside and enjoying the outdoors rain or shine,

and have that quality time that nothing is taking your attention away, as if you’re just dedicated on your family.

[Text on screen: Pleasure, Relax, Campfire]

[Text on screen: So what are you waiting for?]

[Zooms out entirely to Learn-to Camp logo]

[Text on screen: Start camping today with Parks Canada!]

[Text on screen: For more information]

[Text on screen:]

[Title: Parks Canada/Parcs Canada government logo]

[Title: Copyright - Her Majesty the Queen in Right of Canada, represented by Parks Canada, 2012]

[Title: Government of Canada logo]


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