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Off the Beaten Path

Satisfy the explorer in you with a journey to the extreme corners of Canada! Discover landscapes of the vast and rugged north few have seen.... Trek to the end of the world. Picture yourself atop the mountains and ski to untouched peaks. Paddle wild waters. Hike untamed tundra. These are serious arctic adventures… not for the faint of heart!

A Raft on the Wild Side © Parks Canada

A Raft on the Wild Side

Looking for a unique thrill in new and spectacular surroundings? How about a remarkable Arctic adventure? Dare to raft the untamed waters of the Firth River! Travel through millions of acres of mountains, tundra and translucent waterways. Experience wildness like few others before you. You can count on it. This is THE wilderness journey of a lifetime!
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Yearn for Hidden Treasures © Parks Canada

Yearn for Hidden Treasures

Feel the spirit of Vuntut National Park as you immerse yourself in a prehistoric landscape that predates the last ice age. Stand in the warm golden light of the midnight sun and witness the explosion of life on the summer tundra. Here, arctic wildflowers and rare plants thrive as they did when this land was part of the Beringia Region.
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Mysteries of an Ancient Land © D. Haggarty

Mysteries of an Ancient Land

Wake to the soothing sounds of the South Nahanni River. Watch a cow moose with her calf calmly drinking the waters. Hear a beaver smack its tail on the glistening surface. Marvel at the deep canyons, profoundly significant to the Dene people. Then tackle the mighty rapids of George's riffle previously conquered by many experienced paddlers. Have courage! The prize awaiting you is one of South Nahanni's stunning canyons.
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To the Top of the World © Parks Canada

To the Top of the World

Discover a raw, freshly revealed land few humans have seen. Ski to Barbeau Peak, the highest point east of the Rockies. Push your limits and stand on Ward Hunt Island, the junction between sea ice and the last point of North America. Then trek from there to the North Pole, 700km farther over pressure ridges and the polar ice cap.
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In Search of the Northwest Passage © J.F. Bisaillon

In Search of the Northwest Passage

Follow history's path as you move through the "Place People Travel". Discover 3,500 years of arctic peoples' past and the effect of nearly 200 years of European misadventures and explorations. As you hike the rolling tundra, paddle the meandering Thomsen River or watch the distant coast from a cruise ship, imagine the hardships and dramas of the men that sought the fabled passage.
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Quest for Uniqueness

Discover the spectacular wonders of the northern world! Bask in the midnight light. See a pingo rising up from the flat tundra. Cross the Arctic Circle. Surround yourself by shaggy muskox. These matchless northern experiences will be cherished for a lifetime!

Make it Official © C. Kimber

Make it Official

Just a day hike or snow machine trip in Auyuittuq National Park via Pangnirtung takes you to the Arctic Circle! Here it's 24 hours of winter darkness and 24 hours of summer daylight. Follow Akshayuk Pass, a natural corridor between mountains and ice and a centuries-old Inuit route. Take a photo at the inuksuk marker or invent your own ritual to celebrate your remarkable journey.
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One of the Last Few Great Migrations © R. Larsen

One of the Last Few Great Migrations

Be awakened to a crisp arctic summer morning by the exquisite clicking of distant caribou hooves. Scan the horizon and see thousands of caribou crossing mountains into river valleys. As your heart quickens at these majestic views, you'll know you are one of the privileged few to witness these sights and hear these sounds. It's a memory of a lifetime!
Vuntut and Ivvavik National Parks.
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Never Ending Day Light © Parks Canada

Never Ending Day Light

You can read about it, see pictures of it, image it, but nothing will truly prepare you for the midnight light! Paddle. Hike. Camp. At three o'clock in the morning you'll be smiling as the sun still shines in the arctic night. Don't forget to set the time in the camera and take a picture! Otherwise, who will believe you?
National Parks in Canada's North.
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Consider Yourself Warned © YG / B. Atkinson

Consider Yourself Warned

Stroll the wooden boardwalks of Dawson City. Gaze into windows of long-abandoned buildings. Hear Klondike stories of hardship, glory and heroism. You'll soon fall under the powerful spell of history. A costumed interpreter will guide you through this fabled town. Enjoy the lively poetry of Robert Service at his hillside Klondike cabin or choose other programs and exhibits portraying the wild history and charm of Dawson City.
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Chilkoot Trail © YG

The Yukon Gateway

Let the spirit of people whose courage helped them survive the rugged northern wilderness inspire you. Visit the Chilkoot Trail, the same trek that tested First Nation traders and gold-hungry dreamers. Hike the trail and share the challenge of those who reached the Klondike. Or, simply enjoy day trips and camping with friends and family among the alpine lakes and tundra meadows at historic Bennett Lake and Lindeman City.
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Simply Breathtaking

Come to the end of the earth and visit Canada's northern National Parks and National Historic Sites. The views are simply breathtaking! Unexpected geological formations, cliffs of ochre, red, purple and brown, multicoloured tundra and endless wild beauty. Nature's palette is spectacular! These are the largest national parks in all of Canada and they are waiting for you to discover.

Stun Your Senses © R. Buchanan

Stun Your Senses

Trek through a glorious world of rolling hills and multicoloured tundra where countless sites bear testimony to the land's ancient human history. This is a hikers dream. Endless daylight will urge you forward through the immense landscape. You'll find all your senses stunned by magnificent canyons and gorges. This is the world of Tuktut Nogait, home of the young caribou.
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Satisfy Your Northern Cravings © YG/F. Mueller

Satisfy Your Northern Cravings

If you yearn for the wild beauty of an unspoiled Canadian landscape, Kluane National Park and Reserve is for you. Explore mountains, lakes, rivers and forests that have been home to Southern Tutchone people for thousands of years and discover the heart of their traditional culture and way of life. From scenic hiking on gentle trails to backcountry adventures in the mountain wilderness, a variety of activities await you.
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Living Large in the North © C. McDonald

Living Large in the North

Feel a cool mist rising from the water. Stand on the shore and watch wood bison, ducks, swans and geese feed. Nearby, the endangered whooping crane nest. In this impressive expanse of the Peace-Athabasca Delta, the largest freshwater inland delta in northeastern Alberta. You'll experience the renewing force of this remote northern wilderness with its intricate landscapes and fascinating culture.
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Place of Glaciers. Land of Diversity © Parks Canada

Place of Glaciers. Land of Diversity

Prepare to see more than 70 bird species, 21 species of marine and terrestrial mammals and 360 different types of plants. This impressive range of flora and fauna combined with the magnificent landscapes of glaciers and mountains will astound you! From bird watching to whale watching, Sirmilik is guaranteed to satisfy those who dare to brave its magnificent, rugged wilderness.
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Witness the Aurora © L. Naraway

Witness the Aurora

Look up and see a dazzling panorama. Swirling bands of pale green, red and purple dancing across the darkening late summer sky will hold you spellbound. Watch from the bow of an expedition cruise ship or through the door of your tent. Whichever you prefer, find yourself a front row seat to nature's dramatic sky spectacle.
National Parks in Canada's North
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