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Planning your Visit


From show stopping landscapes to weathered walls with stories to tell, natural treasures and exciting history abound in Quebec. From east to west and north to south, historic homes will open their doors to you. Buildings from yesteryear will share their secrets. Natural places will reveal their beauty. Picturesque canals will beckon with a host of activities. And epic battlefields will remind you of key moments in Canadian history.

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1,2,3, GO!

Stow the electronics and pack up the kids! It's time to get out and get active with your family, at a price everybody can afford. The little ones will beg to come back again and you'll be happy to oblige when you see how quickly they conk out after a day of outdoor fun. Now that's awesome!

Young boy laughing on a beach Splashing around in La Mauricie
© Parks Canada

Everyone in the Water!

There’s nothing like a refreshing lake breeze on a hot summer’s day. Your youngest is busy building sandcastles, while his sister splashes around in the lake. On the agenda for the afternoon: a canoe trip on Wapizagonke Lake, or maybe even a hike along the Lac Étienne pathway. The little ones will sleep well tonight! Next time, maybe an introduction to camping?

La Mauricie National Park

A young girl touches a starfish Touching a starfish at Cap-de-Bon-Désir
© Parks Canada / J. Pleau

Discover Sea Creatures

What, a cucumber is an animal? The whole family is amazed at this strange creature. The kids want to touch the starfish’s bumpy skin again, but a crab has diverted their attention. Now is the moment of truth: which urchin will win the race? The one picked by the kids, of course! The outdoor activity 30 Feet into Neptune’s World is the most fun on your vacation!

Cap-de-Bon-Désir Interpretation and Observation Centre

A young boy and his father watch the locks operate Watching the boats lock through the Chambly Canal
© Parks Canada / É. Lajeunesse

A Family Getaway

A bike ride on a beautiful sunny day sure builds your appetite! In the enchanting setting of the Richelieu River, take a well deserved picnic break. Your older son can admire the birds while his brother is fascinated by the manual operation of the lock. What a great family day!

Chambly Canal National Historic Site

A child operates an underwater robot Manning the robot at Fort Lennox
© Parks Canada / T. Boyer

Hold the Controls of an Underwater Robot

Swap video games for a state of the art scientific robot. Today you’ll work as a team of “scientists for a day” probing the soil looking for tangible evidence of the past. Your little one is much more comfortable than you are handling the remotely operated underwater vehicle and even gets congratulated by the archaeologist. August 2 to 10, 2014.

Fort Lennox National Historic Site

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