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The Canadian Prairies

Saskatchewan and Manitoba – a land of contrast, mystery, history and beauty. Discover the subarctic tundra and Hudson Bay coastline where whales, caribou, and polar bears abound. Take in the vastness of the open prairie. Marvel at sunsets and the unexpected encounters with rare plants and animals. Explore the pristine and untouched boreal forest where great owl and moose live as they always have.

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Looking for a thrill, or just a change of scenery? Grab a pal and head to your nearest national park for the adventure of a lifetime. Let us blow your mind and challenge you like never before. So go on, get out of your comfort zone and let off a little bit of steam. Those selfies will be epic!

Adults in a darkened room of the fort Hearing tales of ghostly stories
© Parks Canada

Ghosts in a haunted fort – Two different chances to shriek!

Your spine tingles and goose bumps form as you embark on a guided ‘Ghost Walk’. With nothing but a lantern to light the way, you explore the old fort, hearing tales of ghostly stories. Are they real? If you dare, the ULTIMATE spooks happen at the iconic ‘Halloween Haunted Fort’ event… Come see what goes bump in the night...

Fort Battleford National Historic Site

Adults taking pictures of the valleys Hiking the valleys in Grasslands
© Parks Canada

Valley of 1,000 Devils Backpacking Adventure

With your home on your back, sweat dripping down your neck and the badlands at your feet, you traverse the East Block wilderness. Watch out for hoo doos and quicksand on your way to the Valley of 1,000 Devils! You and your friends won’t want to put your cameras down as you walk where dinosaurs once roamed.

Grasslands National Park

Two adults with mountain bikes on the top of a hil Mountain biking in Prince Albert
© Parks Canada

Unexpected. Unfenced. Unforgettable.

Exhilarated by the adventure and remoteness of the area, you round a corner with your mountain bike and are rewarded by a herd of plains bison grazing on grasslands up ahead. Dismounting, you sit under a tree and snap some pics. This will make for some great campfire stories tonight ... if your friends ever catch up!

Prince Albert National Park

Aerial view of the fort Hiking Sloop Cove
© Parks Canada

Hudson’s Bay Company encounter

Start your journey by zodiac boat to Sloop Cove. With a Parks Canada guide to lead the way, meet the men of the Hudson’s Bay Company through the signatures they carved into the stones. Hike in their footsteps on the shore of Hudson Bay all the way to Prince of Wales Fort. The tundra and archaeological sites will amaze you.

Prince of Wales Fort National Historic Site

People enjoying an outdoor concert Rocking out in Riding Mountain
© Parks Canada

Outdoor Concert Series

Where else can you go to listen to live music where the dress code is a T-shirt, shorts and flip-flops? Enjoy a concert at Riding Mountain National Park’s Wasagaming main beach this summer. It’s the definitive combination of music, nature and resort-town relaxation.

Riding Mountain National Park

Want a print version? Download the visitor guide for the Canadian Prairies (PDF, 4.79 MB) or order your free copy by calling 1-888-773-8888.