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The Canadian Prairies

Saskatchewan and Manitoba – a land of contrast, mystery, history and beauty. Discover the subarctic tundra and Hudson Bay coastline where whales, caribou, and polar bears abound. Take in the vastness of the open prairie. Marvel at sunsets and the unexpected encounters with rare plants and animals. Explore the pristine and untouched boreal forest where great owl and moose live as they always have.

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1,2,3, GO!

Stow the electronics and pack up the kids! It's time to get out and get active with your family, at a price everybody can afford. The little ones will beg to come back again and you'll be happy to oblige when you see how quickly they conk out after a day of outdoor fun. Now that's awesome!

Children with female interpreter in cook tent Tasting from the food tent
© Parks Canada

Fort adventure in the cypress hills

Dive into the 1870s and discover how Canadian law was brought to the West. Meet characters in period costume, scout out the new trading post and Métis cabins activities, and be witness to a trial. Be sure to follow your nose and taste from the food tent!

Fort Walsh National Historic Site

Children searching for caches Finding caches in Batoche
© Parks Canada

Seek and scamper geocaching challenge

Here? There? How about over there? Hike the scenic Batoche landscape and trails along the beautiful South Saskatchewan River to discover hidden secrets. Can you find all the caches? Try your luck and earn your souvenir Batoche Geocoin during this fun geocaching adventure.

Batoche National Historic Site

Children having fun at a playground Playing around at the Forks
© Parks Canada

Pint-Sized Park

Discover the history of The Forks and its people at the Variety Heritage Adventure Park and engage all the senses. Climb a Red River Cart and lookout for charging bison, use your creativity on a traditional beadwork board, or hop aboard the Countess of Dufferin locomotive as you trace your journey through the Prairies!

The Forks National Historic Site

Children having a cup of tea Having tea at Lower Fort Garry
© Parks Canada

Tea for two... or three...

You’re invited to the Big House where a pint-sized tea party is underway - don’t be late! Little ones take a seat at tiny tables where tiny tea sets and tiny costumes await. Have an imaginary tea party and learn how they did it in the 1850s.

Lower Fort Garry National Historic Site

Family playing in the sand Enjoying the beach at Riding Mountain
© Parks Canada

Wonderful Wasagaming! Pristine Waters...

There is so much to do at Clear Lake: swimming, canoeing, kayaking, fishing, shopping, restaurants, trails and more ... the sky’s the limit. Build a sandcastle, golf, hike, or bike some of the best in the region. Once you visit you will always come back... P.S. Don’t forget the ice cream! : )

Riding Mountain National Park

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