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While its forts dramatically echo the gunfire of the War of 1812 and the Rebellion of 1837-38, Ontario's historic houses mirror the lives of Canada's prime ministers and a legendary hero. The historic canals and waterways unlock the mysteries of early transportation and commerce. The beautiful national parks and national marine conservation areas introduce you to Ontario's most spectacular landscapes and unique ecosystems.

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Looking for a thrill, or just a change of scenery? Grab a pal and head to your nearest national park for the adventure of a lifetime. Let us blow your mind and challenge you like never before. So go on, get out of your comfort zone and let off a little bit of steam. Those selfies will be epic!

Visitors taking a picture at sunset Hiking by the lake
© Parks Canada

An epic hiking adventure

Lake Superior. They weren't joking when they named her. Superior in size, superior in adventure. Explore the most remote backpacking trail in Ontario. Pukaskwa's 60 km Coastal Hiking Trail is exhilarating, challenging and oh-so rewarding. At night, settle into your beachfront campsite to enjoy a fire with friends, and feel proud of what you accomplished.

Pukaskwa National Park

Impressive rock formations at Flowerpot Island
© Parks Canada

Leave the city behind

The tour boats are done for the day and the island is yours! With a brew in hand, cosy up and watch the night sky come to life. Bet you've never seen this many stars in the city. You'll sleep well tonight.

Fathom Five National Marine Conservation Area

Visitor scuba diving near a giant anchor Taking a dive at Fathom Five
© Parks Canada

One for the bucket list

As you slide into the water, you're excited... and a little nervous. You've always wanted to try this, and now it's actually happening. You're scuba diving the clear turquoise waters of Georgian Bay. The freedom of floating and exploring the underwater world is an experience beyond words. You spot a shipwreck just below. You can't wait to share this experience.

Fathom Five National Marine Conservation Area

Visitors kayaking on a river Island paddling
© Parks Canada

Something new at each turn

You paddle hard to round the tip of the island, wondering what's around that bend. So far you've glided past a castle, floated over a shipwreck, and spied a ‘mermaid'. Tonight, when you and your friends settle in at your island base camp, you'll feel a bit like a kid at camp. You might have grown up, but you haven't lost your sense of adventure.

Thousand Islands National Park

Visitor firing a canon Becoming a canoneer at Fort Wellington
© Parks Canada

What a blast!

Go back in time and become a hardened soldier. Enlist for a few hours, get fitted in a military uniform, and learn the drills of the Royal Artillery. At the sergeant's command, fire the cannon. BANG! Smoke and the smell of cannon powder fill the air, adrenaline surges through your body. You just fired a cannon!

Fort Wellington National Historic Site

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