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Northern Canada

Dare to go where few have gone before, to the far-flung reaches of national parks and national historic sites in northern Canada. Outstanding, exotic experiences await you in the gorgeous tundra, mountainous landscapes and unbroken forests of the North.

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Check off your bucket list and head to the Yukon! Fly over ancient icefields and past Canada's tallest peak. Follow the trail of the Klondike Gold Rush. Paddle backcountry rivers or fly to an Arctic base camp for the hiking trip of a lifetime. You'll wonder why it took you this long to visit.
Now that's awesome!

Service Cabin Crowd Following in a poets footsteps
© CCT/F. Mueller

Endless Adventures in Never-Ending Daylight

Daylight is all around you and this amazing view just won't quit. It's hard to believe it's evening as the sunlight and hillside invite you to play again, just one more time, before you call it a night. What a day: a grizzly bear in the distance, a moose so close, a creek crossing that cooled your feet, and good friends to share the adventure. And the best part? There's still tomorrow!

Kluane National Park and Reserve

Family Pyramid Paddlewheeler Exploring a paddlewheeler
© Parks Canada/F. Mueller

Paddlewheeler Play

Smile as you watch your kids bounce from one discovery to another exploring this stately paddlewheeler, pretending to embark on a great adventure. Marvel at the mighty Yukon River swirling by as you enjoy your picnic lunch on the riverbank. While making beautiful memories, you wonder where this trip will take you next.

S.S. Klondike National Historic Site

Hikers Vast Glaciers Camping under the midnight sunt
© Parks Canada/F. Mueller

"O Dear Little Cabin"

It's a beautiful day in Dawson City: clear blue sky, sun sparkling through the trees. Your group hikes up the hillside where poet Robert Service was inspired to write his memorable verse. As you journey along the trail to the Crocus Bluff you are filled with a sense of awe, while listening to Service's words, "There's gold, and it's haunting and haunting; It's luring me on as of old; ... It's the beauty that thrills me with wonder, It's the stillness that fills me with peace."

Klondike National Historic Sites

Hiking along Turquoise Lake Hiking the Chilkoot Trail
© Parks Canada/Government of Yukon

A Trail Like No Other

You glance back at the trail you’ve covered. Unbelievable! You realize you’re reliving the journey of all those gold-seekers that stampeded to the Klondike. Every moment is a thrill and a rush. Up the Golden Stairs, reaching the summit of the Chilkoot Pass, the vast beauty that surrounds you is breathtaking. All those years dreaming of this place, and now you’ve made it. e

Chilkoot Trail National Historic Site

Hiker on majestic landscape Hiking majestic tors
© Parks Canada/J.F. Bisaillon

Follow Your #Arcticdream

Fly over the Mackenzie Delta and into the heart of the British Mountains. Enjoy arctic base camp living at Sheep Creek. Hike with local guides to Inspiration Point and the majestic tors of Halfway to Heaven. Listen to the stories of Inuvialuit people whose connections to this land go back generations. Bask in the glow of the midnight sun.

Ivvavik National Park

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