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Northern Canada

Dare to go where few have gone before, to the far-flung reaches of national parks and national historic sites in northern Canada. Outstanding, exotic experiences await you in the gorgeous tundra, mountainous landscapes and unbroken forests of the North.

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See the bison, muskox and caribou journey across these lands. Spot whooping cranes soaring across ancient Salt Plains. Hear the stories of the Dene, Metis and Inuvialuit people who have called this place home for generations. Paddle legendary rivers. Listen to the thunder of Náįlįcho (Virginia Falls). Kick back and relax at an Arctic base camp beneath the midnight sun.

Enjoying Tuktut Nogait Taking inthe views of Brock River
© Parks Canada/Pinette Robinson

Thrill of a Lifetime

Welcome to the home of the Bluenose West caribou herd, wolves, grizzly bears, muskoxen, arctic char and many raptors. Paddle the crystal clear Hornaday River. Stay at an Arctic base camp and day-hike the rolling terrain to marvel at the lush tundra in bloom. Take in the view of the Brock River. There’s no need to rush in this ancient land.

Tuktut Nogait National Park

Twin Baby Muskox Muskoxen watching
© Parks Canada/Eric Baron

Modern Explorer

Journey to the “place where people travel,” witness to 3,500 years of human history. See the largest concentration of muskoxen in the world as they graze on softly rolling hills. Paddle the Thomsen River, the most northerly navigable river in Canada. Meander through arctic tundra. Be one of the few modern adventurers to experience this ancient landscape. What a thrill!

Aulavik National Park

Boys at Salt Plains Strolling the salt-dusted plains
© Parks Canada

North Within Reach

Follow the road to Canada’s largest national park. Catch a coveted glance of a whooping crane or free-roaming wood bison. Stroll through unique salt-dusted plains to touch and taste salt from ancient seas. Play in the gentle waters of a sinkhole lake. Wait for sundown: the brilliant stars over this Dark Sky Preserve, the world’s largest, will wow you.

Wood Buffalo National Park

Canoeists at Moose Ponds Enjoying a river journey
© Parks Canada/L.Dueck

Be Among the First!

Challenge yourself to a river journey through boulder gardens and rapids. Ride the wild headwaters of the South Nahanni. Travel through the traditional lands of the Shútagot’ine, the Mountain Dene. Bask in the solitude on the shores of lakes ringed by majestic ranges. Be awed by Nááts'ihch'oh, the mountain of great spiritual power. Put on your boots and hike the rugged terrain. Discover Nááts’ihch’oh, one of the newest national parks in Canada.

Nááts’ihch’oh National Park Reserve

Virginia Falls Experiencing the thrilling splash of whitewater
© Parks Canada / Aaron Donahue

Quest in the Land of Giants

Your flight into Nahanni is a sensory overload. Feel the thrilling splash of whitewater. Trek through the spires of the Ragged Range. Make a pilgrimage to Gahnįhthah Tufa Mounds, home of the Horizon Walker. Feed the fire in a traditional Dene ceremony. Challenge your mind, your body, your soul. Find your Nahanni.

Nahanni National Park Reserve

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