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Northern Canada

Dare to go where few have gone before, to the far-flung reaches of national parks and national historic sites in northern Canada. Outstanding, exotic experiences await you in the gorgeous tundra, mountainous landscapes and unbroken forests of the North.

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Find yourself amid towering cliffs and spectacular mountains wrapped in glaciers that wind their way to the ocean. Beautiful and dynamic, this land welcomes you. The Arctic has its own pace and, falling in step, you recognize the rhythm never forgotten by those who live here. Today is the day your dream becomes your journey!

Mountaineering on Thor Mountaineering in Nunavut
© Parks Canada

Hit a High Point

Revel in the climb, that last push, that feeling of satisfaction as you open your arms wide and embrace the beauty that fills your view. Nunavut’s mountaineering possibilities include Thor Peak, the world’s highest vertical drop and Mount Barbeau, the highest point in Eastern North America. Check these peaks off your bucket list – they’re all here and all yours! Experience mountaineering in these Nunavut National Parks:

Auyuittuq National Park
Quttinirpaaq National Park
Sirmilik National Park

Skiing glacier at Bylot Backcountry skiing in Nunavut
© Bradford White

The Great White North

The brisk arctic air is a welcome relief after your ascent. Preparing your skis, you catch your breath and gaze out over distant glaciers and sharp, white peaks as far as the eye can see. Now, take a moment to consider: today you and your friends get first tracks... the only tracks. Head home with stories that nobody can top! Experience backcountry skiing in these Nunavut National Parks:

Auyuittuq National Park
Quttinirpaaq National Park
Sirmilik National Park

Kayaking in Quttinirpaaq Kayaking in Nunavut
© Parks Canada/Karen Petkau

Find Clarity

The sun never sets here in summer; you know it is night only by the profound stillness that settles over the land, the silence broken only by arctic terns calling overhead. You’ve never known an atmosphere so clear before; the distant mountains seem closer. Now’s the perfect time to push your kayak into the calm, icy water and live your dream! Experience kayaking in these Nunavut National Parks:

Quttinirpaaq National Park
Sirmilik National Park
Ukkusiksalik National Park

Polar Bear on granite Watching polar bears emerge from the water
© Paula Hughson

Wild. Life.

Watching the distant herd of muskoxen, you feel a calm stare. You turn your head and far off you see an arctic wolf, his curiosity no less than your own. Polar bear, arctic fox, walrus, narwhal... in Nunavut they are at home. This is the arctic, these are her creatures, and this is why you came.

Experience the wild in Nunavut’s National Parks.

Awe in Auyuittuq Taking in the views in Nunavut
© Michael Davies

Where Once They Stood

You can imagine you’re the first person to sit here in this land that time has seemingly forgotten. But looking closer, you notice subtle clues: ancient coinciding with recent - tent circles, an inuksuk - telling you stories of the peoples who once walked here and who walk here still.

Experience culture in all of Nunavut’s National Parks.

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