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Hanna's Undertaking Parlour

738 Yates Street, Victoria, Colombie-Britannique, V8W, Canada

Reconnu formellement en: 1995/01/19

Exterior view of Hanna's Undertaking Parlour; City of Victoria, Berdine J. Jonker, 2005.
Yates Street elevation
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Hanna's Undertaking Parlour
738-740 Yates Street

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Inscrit au répertoire canadien: 2005/11/12

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Hanna's Undertaking Parlour is a two storey Edwardian Style commercial building located on the north side of Yates Street. It has two large arched windows flanking a pair of tall narrow central windows in its upper storey, and a strong classical cornice.

Valeur patrimoniale

Hanna's Undertaking Parlour is valued as a good example of the type of building erected as Yates Street developed into a commercial area containing a variety of small specialty shops and retail businesses in the early twentieth century. Designed by architects Hooper and Watkins, and built for W.J. Hanna in 1905, this building adds interest to the heritage character of this block of Yates Street because of its integrity of form, clearly identifying it as an early twentieth century commercial building. Its unusual upper storey arrangement of windows provides a notable illustration of the diversity of architectural expression which occurred during the redevelopment of Victoria in the prosperous Edwardian era.

Source:City of Victoria Planning and Development Dept.

Éléments caractéristiques

The character defining elements of Hanna's Undertaking Parlour include:
- Its two storey massing and handsome form, accentuated by its strong classical cornice with dentil relief.
- Architectural elements relevant to its 1905 design by architects Hooper and Watkins, including upper storey arched wooden-sash windows, and masonry detailing.
- Its contribution to the continuity of the historic streetscape, seen in such elements as the lack of setbacks, and commercial storefronts.
- Interior elements relevant to its 1905 design, which support its distinctive heritage character.
- The integrity of the 1905 building envelope.
- Original construction methods and materials used to carry out its original design.




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Administrations locales (C.-B.)

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Local Government Act, art.954

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Économies en développement
Commerce et affaires

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Commerce / Services commerciaux
Magasin ou commerce de vente au détail

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Hooper and Watkins



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City of Victoria Planning and Development Dept.

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