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World Heritage: Canada

Ivvavik/Vuntut/Herschel Island (Qikiqtaruk)


Criteria suggested:

(iv) The Ivvavik, Vuntut and Herschel Island site is an outstanding example of a landscape which illustrates the very early human occupation of northwest North America via the Bering Yukon Refugium;

(v) It is an outstanding example of traditional land use representative of two distinctive Aboriginal cultural traditions adapting to the extreme environment of the Coastal Plain, the North Slope, the Old Crow Basin and Herschel Island;

(vii) It possesses scenic beauty and natural phenomena, with mountains, wetlands, wild rivers and migrating wildlife spectacles;

(viii) It illustrates geological processes relating to Pleistocene events and Beringia;

(x) It includes significant biological diversity, its wide range of species including caribou, bear, waterfowl and marine life.