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World Heritage: Canada

Gwaii Haanas

British Columbia

Criteria suggested:

(iii) The homeland of the Haida is represented by the whole Gwaii Haanas area — not just the island of SGaang Gwaii with its house vestiges and carved mortuary and memorial poles. This homeland is documented in oral tradition and archaeological resources and it is rich in associated cultural values;

(v) It is as an outstanding example of land and sea use which is representative of a culture and of human interaction with the environment;

(vi) It is evocative of the Haida cosmological relationship with this place;

(vii) It possesses exceptional natural scenic beauty and superlative natural phenomena focused on the mountains-to-the-sea landscape, with old-growth forested islands, coastal zone and undersea life;

(ix) A superb display of ecological processes occurring in the old-growth temperate rainforests and the role of the islands in wildlife evolution can be observed;

(x) The diversity of species and the presence of endemics are exceptional.

Gwaii Haanas © MacNeil, K.