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World Heritage: Canada

Áísínai’pi (Writing-On-Stone)

Geographical Location:
49° N – 111,63° W

Áí sínai’pi contains the largest concentration of rock art and the most complex images on the Great Plains of North America.

Áísínai'pi (Writing-On-Stone) © Parks Canada

Áísínai’pi contains more than 50 petroglyph and pictograph rock art sites in a sacred site lying within the traditional territory of the Niitsítapi. The landscape figures prominently in the sacred geography of the Niitsítapi. Spirit powers are associated with the rock formations and with the view towards the nearby hills, known as Kátoyissiksi. The rock art, from both pre-and post-Contact periods, is an expression of this meeting of the spirit world and the physical world. Elders consult the rock art to commune with the spirits, to receive power and direction in life, and to learn of their future. This connection continues to exist today among the Niitsítapi.