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Forest Health in Terra Nova National Park

Information for Visitors

To date, a staggering 73 km2 of Terra Nova National Park’s forested areas have been negatively impacted by moose browsing, with 13 km2 completely transformed into open grassy fields.

The forests of Terra Nova National Park are at risk due to years of over-browsing by moose, an overpopulated species that was introduced to Newfoundland in 1878 and 1904. Without active management of moose populations, the park’s forests will continue to suffer.

To restore forest health, Parks Canada has undertaken a moose management program. During this time, volunteer harvesters will help Parks Canada reduce the number of moose in Terra Nova National Park.

Visitor and public safety is always Parks Canada’s first priority. Staff will make every effort to minimize the effects of this program on the experience you have in the park during autumn and winter seasons.

What you need to know prior to your visit to Terra Nova National Park this autumn and winter:

The Moose Population Reduction will take place between September 10, 2016 and January 29th, 2017. These dates ensure that the peak visitor season is avoided.

Starting this year, The Moose Management Area, which encompasses most of the park, allows for shared access. Shared access ensures that our most utilized hiking trails and facilities are available for visitor use and enjoyment, as well as hunting. Visitors and hunters must wear blaze orange when hiking trails or hunting in the park.

The following areas are open to visitors and closed to hunting for the entire hunting season (red-shaded areas on map):

  • Louil Hills Trail
  • Cobblers Day Use
  • Newman Sound Campground and Coastal Trail to HQ Wharf
  • Southwest Brook Day Use Area
  • Golf Course

The following trails are open to visitors and closed to hunting until October 24th, at which time they will become shared access areas (Zone 2 on map, orange-shaded):

  • Sandy Pond Day Use Area and Trail
  • Coastal Trail from HQ Wharf to Visitor Centre 
  • Heritage Trail
  • Malady Head Campground
  • Goowiddy Path (including Blue Hill Pond Trail and Buckley’s Cove Trail)
  • Southwest Arm Day Use
  • 300 metre “no hunting“ buffer around each backcountry campsite (orange-shaded circles on map)
Moose Management Map  Map of Moose Management Area in Terra Nova National Park
© Parks Canada
  • Downloadable/printable map (PDF, 8.72 MB) is also available
  • Signage will be posted at all facilities and trailheads indicating opened and closed areas.
  • Terra Nova National Park staff recommend that visitors wear blaze orange when on hiking trails throughout the park.

For further information or help with planning your trip to Terra Nova National Park this autumn or winter, call 709-533-2801.

This website will be updated with current information throughout the moose management program.