Rouge National Urban Park Initiative

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Visioning Workshop Summary

Rouge National Urban Park - Visioning Workshop.

The Visioning Workshop held in Toronto, Ontario on November 9, 2011, brought together partners and stakeholders to provide the opportunity for them to share their experience and views on a concept and vision for the management of a national urban park in the Rouge Valley. Bringing together the varied experience and perspectives of local stakeholders, along with national and provincial organizations with expertise related to conservation, farming, tourism, recreation, youth engagement and education, ensured a diverse and comprehensive dialogue. As a key milestone in this early, direction-setting stage of the park establishment process, a summary of the discussions have been provided in the attached "What Was Heard" (PDF) document. One of the key themes that emerged was the concept of a "people's park", given the unparalleled opportunity to expose a large number of Canadians to their cultural and natural heritage, with 20 percent of the country's population residing within 100 kilometres of the park.

The Honourable Peter Kent, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada at the Rouge National Urban Park Visioning Workshop.
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The concept for a national urban park will be developed using the guiding principles presented in this document as a starting point. Concepts and the guiding principles developed during the Visioning Workshop will evolve during the planning phase and throughout public consultations.

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