Rouge National Urban Park Initiative

Public Involvement

Collage of images from Rouge National Urban Park

Thank you for providing your input on the Rouge National Urban Park Initiative and Park Concept. The public involvement phase from June 25th to October 8th included the on-line survey, participation at numerous community events and public information sessions. The combined input from First Nations, stakeholders, partners and the public on the park concept will provide Parks Canada with guidance to make recommendations to government on the legislative process and steps necessary to create the strategic plan for the creation and management of Rouge National Urban Park.

Highlights from the Rouge National Urban Park Concept
Since the completion of our public engagement program on October 8, 2012, we have begun the process of reviewing the input from Canadians, both near and far. We have received thousands of comments and input and are elated by this incredible response. The Rouge National Urban Park concept has truly been developed by Canadians for Canadians. While our team at Parks Canada reviews and compiles the input, we are pleased to share a few highlights with you.

Parks Canada puts great emphasis on building relationships and providing meaningful opportunities for consultation with the Canadian public. As a Canadian first with currently no comparable places, Rouge National Urban Park requires a management approach reflective of its urban character. As such, since early July 2011, Parks Canada has worked closely with more than 100 national, provincial and regional organizations, Aboriginal partners, and youth, along with individuals and organizations with expertise related to conservation, farming, tourism, recreation, youth engagement and education, to develop a proposed Rouge National Urban Park concept. Aligned with Parks Canada’s mandate, the proposed concept includes conservation of natural and cultural resources, opportunities for learning, a wide range of visitor experience possibilities, and the integration and promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Rouge National Urban Park Visioning Workshop Rouge National Urban Park Visioning Workshop, November 9th, 2011. Courtesy of K. Jones, University of Toronto Scarborough Communications.

Public involvement is a cornerstone of policy, planning and management practices to ensure sound decision-making, build public understanding, and provide opportunities for Canadians to contribute their expertise and suggestions. This is especially true for the Rouge National Urban Park Initiative, as Parks Canada is committed to creating a true “people’s park”. Information and further details about the public involvement phase will be communicated broadly by Parks Canada throughout the summer months.