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Rouge National Urban Park Initiative

Strongest protection ever for Rouge National Urban Park

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The legislation tabled to create the Rouge National Urban Park will give Parks Canada the tools it needs to ensure the strongest ever level of protection of the park’s ecosystems, wildlife, flora, fossils, artifacts, and other natural and cultural resources, and the promotion of a vibrant farming community as part of Canada’s nation-wide system of protected areas. Parks Canada will build on and honour the legacy of nearly three decades of park stewardship by governments, community groups and volunteers.

Situated in close proximity to 20 percent of Canada’s population, the Rouge’s urban context provides unprecedented opportunities for a broad diversity of Canadians to learn about and connect with the park’s natural, cultural and agricultural heritage, serving as a gateway for discovering Canada’s incredible network of protected areas. Parks Canada is honoured to have the opportunity to establish Rouge National Urban Park in a mosaic where natural, cultural and agricultural resources and landscapes are managed in an integrated manner and are protected, appreciated and experienced by Canadians for present and future generations.

Parks Canada is Meeting and Exceeding Ontario’s Protection of the Rouge

Current protection under the Province of Ontario Protection under proposed Rouge National Urban Park
Directly prohibits mining on all lands? No Yes
Directly prohibits removal of native plants, fossils on all lands? No Yes
Directly prohibits hunting on all lands? No Yes
Full protection under Species at Risk Act? No Yes
Effectively enforced waste dumping? No Yes, with dedicated enforcement officers
Fines for illegal activities such as poaching equivalent to national parks? No Yes
Year-round dedicated enforcement officers? No Yes
Full protection of park from Lake Ontario to Oak Ridges Moraine? No Yes
Provides ecological link between Lake Ontario and Oak Ridges Moraine? No Yes
Provides stability for sustainable farming through long-term leases? No Yes
Fully protects cultural resources (e.g. archaeological sites, built heritage)? No Yes
Long-term stable funding to support the management, protection and operation of the Rouge? No Yes