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Heritage Lighthouses of Canada

Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site of Canada
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Petitioned Lighthouses

Thousands of Canadians nominated hundreds of lighthouses during the public petition period that ran from 29 May 2010 to 29 May 2012.

The Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act provided a two year public petition period during which residents of Canada were encouraged to nominate a lighthouse for designation by forwarding a petition to the Heritage Lighthouse Program.

In accordance with the provisions of the Act, the petition period is now closed.

To meet the requirements of the Act, petitions had to:

  • nominate a lighthouse owned by the federal government;
  • be signed by at least 25 residents of Canada 18 years of age or older, including the names and addresses of all petitioners; and
  • be addressed to the Minister responsible for Parks Canada (the Minister of the Environment); and
  • be received on or before 29 May 2012.

Which lighthouses were nominated through the petition process?

During the public petition period that ended on 29 May 2012, the Heritage Lighthouse Program received petitions nominating hundreds of lighthouses for designation under the Heritage Lighthouse Protection Act.

To learn which specific lighthouses were nominated under the Act, you can to download a printable PDF listing of nominated lighthouses in the official language of your choice:
Province Download
All provinces ( 348 nominated ) English | French
British Columbia ( 41 nominated ) English | French
Manitoba ( 2 nominated ) English | French
Ontario ( 87 nominated ) English | French
Quebec ( 27 nominated ) English | French
New Brunswick ( 35 nominated ) English | French
Nova Scotia ( 92 nominated ) English | French
Prince Edward Island ( 34 nominated ) English | French
Newfoundland & Labrador ( 30 nominated ) English | French

Which nominated lighthouses have been designated as heritage lighthouses?

The Minister responsible for Parks Canada will consider for designation all lighthouses for which a valid petition was received and determine which should be designated as heritage lighthouses on or before 29 May 2015.

Our Designated Lighthouses page lists the lighthouses that have been designated as heritage lighthouses.

Please note special considerations for lighthouses that are surplus to federal operational requirements:

  • The Act contains special provisions related to lighthouses that are surplus to federal operational requirements. For a nominated surplus lighthouse that meets the designation criteria, a written commitment to buy or otherwise acquire the lighthouse and to protect its heritage character must be accepted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada in order for it to be designated under the Act.
  • To establish the basis for the written commitment required by the Act, potential owners of a nominated surplus lighthouse must submit a business plan to Fisheries and Oceans Canada that shows their proposed use of the property will be economically viable over the long term, and that they have the capacity to manage the property.

To learn more about processes related to the evaluation and designation of petitioned lighthouses, please visit our Evaluation & Designation page.