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Environmental Impact Assessment

Management Planning

Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site of Canada Management Plan

Parks Canada is responsible for assessing and mitigating the impact of its actions on ecosystems and cultural resources. TheCabinet Directive on the Environmental Assessment of Policy, Plan and Program Proposals prepared by the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency, requires an environmental assessment of all plans and policies submitted to the federal Cabinet or to a Minister for approval, including management plans for national parks.
Accordingly, a strategic environmental assessment of the objectives, programs, and management actions outlined in this management plan was carried out. The objectives of the environmental assessment were:

  • to ensure that the strategic directions, objectives, and specific proposals contained within the plan respect and support the ecological integrity goals and objectives for the national park, and the commemorative integrity goals and objectives for the national historic site;
  • to ensure that the plan adequately addresses the ecosystem stressors and major concerns relating to the cumulative effects that are affecting park ecosystems;
  • to assess the implications of proposals included in the plan to ensure that they enhance positive environmental effects, and avoid or mitigate potential negative effects.

The assessment included evaluation of cumulative environmental effects from all proposals. It also considered the full range of potential impacts on the natural and cultural resources of the park, both from ongoing operations and from proposed projects.

Relevant federal environmental policies, including those of Parks Canada, were considered in a policy review. The proposed strategic directions outlined in the management plan are consistent with these policies. Implementation of the management direction and the specific actions that are proposed should result in progress towards greater ecological integrity for Prince Edward Island National Park.

The environmental challenges facing the park are recognized in the direction and initiatives outlined in the plan. Opportunities for stakeholder and public review were provided throughout the planning process between 2002 and 2005. Public views and comments, including environmental concerns, are reflected in the plan.

The plan proposes several management actions that could result in some adverse environmental impact. However, it is expected that these impacts can be mitigated once they are examined more closely during project-specific environmental assessments.

A strategic environmental assessment will be required for the proposed development of a management plan for L.M. Montgomery’s Cavendish National Historic Site of Canada. The following initiatives will be subject to project-specific environmental assessments:

  • Changes in location of infrastructure due to coastal erosion;
  • Restoration of outflow stream of Dalvay and Long Ponds;
  • Enhancements to trail system and development of multi-use trail;
  • Provision of parking areas along the Gulf Shore Parkway;
  • Construction of new facilities, and possibly upgrades to existing facilities;
  • Remedy problems with the water distribution system;
  • Potential use of pesticides to control invasive species;
  • Restoration of the tidal flow to the Cavendish Sandspit saltmarsh;
  • Relocation of the Cavendish Sandspit parking lot, and create new trail and boardwalk to Cavendish Sandspit beach;
  • Green Gables Golf Course upgrade

Several changes were made to the plan in response to recommendations in the environmental assessment. These changes were made to clarify proposed actions, incorporate mitigation measures and maximize the environmental benefits of this management plan. These changes, along with the above listed strategic and project specific environmental assessments will ensure that the implementation of this management plan does not result in significant adverse environmental impacts. Collectively, the strategic direction and management actions outlined in this plan will contribute to an overall improvement in the ecological integrity of Prince Edward Island National Park and the commemorative integrity of Dalvay-by-the-Sea National Historic Site.