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Environmental Assessment

Project-Level Assessment under CEAA 2012

Recent amendments to the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act change Parks Canada’s environmental assessment (EA) program in areas where CEAA 2012 applies.

For information regarding the application of CEAA 2012 to projects on federal lands, please consult the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency’s web site.

Parks Canada’s Environmental Impact Analysis Process

Parks Canada will continue to review project proposals to determine their potential adverse environmental effects. However, this will be done through a process established by Parks Canada and tailored to its needs.

For more information on Parks Canada’s process please consult our fact sheet [PDF - 530 Kb] or the Guide to Environmental Impact Analysis [PDF - 1.4 Mb].

The Guide to the Parks Canada Environmental Impact Analysis Process provides an overview of Environmental Impact Analysis (EIA), the process developed by Parks Canada to fulfill its requirements as a federal land manager under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act, 2012 as well as its legal and mandated obligations to protect Canada’s natural and cultural heritage.

The guide outlines how the EIA process works, when EIA is required, and what Parks Canada’s requirements are for projects proposed within Parks Canada protected heritage places. The guide was developed to assist project proponents, consultants, stakeholders and partners involved with the preparation or review of an EIA.

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