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Come Celebrate!

All aboard the Centennial Train!


Imagine back in the last century... the click-clack and the squeal of the steel wheels on the rail, the piercing note of the horn ... and the speed! The construction of the railway changed everything. Suddenly, you could travel distances like never before! The train opened up the way to an undiscovered world, a world of beauty, a world of immensity.

The beauty of the land the ribbons of steel were reaching was truly unique. The Dominion Government, recognizing the importance of protecting such exceptional landscapes from industrial development and their tourism potential, created the first national parks. The railway companies joined in and built high-class hotels for the first train travellers visiting the parks. Today, thanks to a handful of visionaries with a passion for exploration, history and discovery, Canada's national parks continue to move us and allow us to connect with nature... so well indeed that they have become world-class destinations.

As Parks Canada is entering its second century of protecting and presenting Canada's greatest treasures, it continues to look for opportunities to make them known to the world. So in this year of Parks Canada's centennial celebrations, two of our valued and long-standing partners, VIA Rail and The Fairmont Hotels have joined forces to offer a unique travel experience: the Centennial Train package. Railways, the mountain parks and mountain resorts have a history and world-wide reputation that has been intertwined since their very beginnings and today they continue to offer some of the world's greatest travel experiences.

This November, VIA Rail passengers will be able to relive the past and appreciate the grand breadth of the parks system today by taking this special train. Either from Vancouver, Toronto, Winnipeg or Edmonton, they will be taken on a trip to (re)discover their national parks with Parks Canada interpreters and other surprises on board. The trip will end in Jasper, where guests will be transferred to the Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge to enjoy a three-day stay as part of their Christmas in November package.

Parks Canada believes in sharing leadership and working with partners to offer unique, inspiring opportunities for Canadians to discover their treasured places. The Centennial Train is only one example of the many successful collaborations we maintain.

Whether you come by train, by car or on your bicycle (why not?), you will live one of the greatest travel experiences on your way to and in Canada's national parks, national historic sites and national marine conservation areas. The Parks Canada centennial partners are welcoming you to (re)discover its treasures!

Choose your route to a memorable experience with Parks Canada and VIA Rail!

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