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100 Years of Parks Canada

Waterton Lakes National Park and Prince of Wales Hotel National Historic Site, Alberta Inspiration can be found in Canada’s treasured places in every province and every territory.
Waterton Lakes National Park and Prince of Wales Hotel National Historic Site, Alberta.
© Parks Canada

The majesty of the Rocky Mountains. The solitude of a woodlands lake. The evocative walls and buildings of Old Québec. The brilliance of an Arctic ice cap. The exuberance of Canada’s marine life. The bustle of fort life at Louisbourg.

For the last 100 years, on behalf of Canadians, Parks Canada has acted as the steward and guide to these natural and cultural treasures.

In 1911, Canada showed foresight and leadership in becoming the first country in the world to establish a national service entirely dedicated to parks. One hundred years ago, few Canadians realized the impact of this decision, but they soon would come to know the iconic places that were held in trust for them, places such as Banff and the Fortifications of Québec, that would become world renowned symbols of Canada.

Today, as we embark on a second century of caring for our nation’s natural and cultural heritage, Parks Canada manages an impressive network of 42 national parks, 167 national historic sites and 4 national marine conservation areas. These fascinating places protect what is fragile but vital: the unique, unrivalled and irreplaceable places where Canadians can connect to their heritage and the wildlife, landscapes and waters that represent the very essence of Canada. 


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