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Fab Forts Weekend - August 19-21, 2011

© Parks Canada

On August 19-21, Parks Canada will be turning the spotlights on its military and historic forts! The Fab Forts Weekend, held in national historic sites managed by Parks Canada across the country, will be a wonderful opportunity for visitors to discover the central role forts play in community life and to appreciate the profound importance they have had in Canada for several centuries.

Join in a variety of activities - from military history re-enactments, concerts, shows and military music to farmers' markets and culinary events. Everyone will find something of interest that will fill their memories forever!

But there’s more! Parks Canada is offering Canada’s military, veterans and their families free admission to Canada’s national historic sites, national parks and national marine conservation areas during “Fab Forts Weekend”. This is a way to show them our appreciation and recognize their crucial role in building our nation.

Young soldiers at Fortress-of-Louisbourg National Historic Site Young soldiers at Fortress-of-Louisbourg National Historic Site 
© Parks Canada

Our historic sites are defining elements of regional culture, gathering places and centres of community life. They are venues for personal moments of inspiring discovery and a source of unforgettable adventures. Check it out for yourself!

The highlight of the weekend will be a coast-to-coast Parks Canada 100-gun salute that employs historic artillery. It begins at the Signal Hill, Newfoundland and ends at Fort Rodd Hill, British Columbia! Feel the thundering of those shots and you too will understand the importance of these special places. To know more about the activities planned at specific sites, check out our national calendar of events.