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A Century of History

Come Celebrate with Parks Canada!
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Come Celebrate with Parks Canada!

Throughout the country and throughout the year, Canada’s historic and natural treasures are hosting special programs and activities put on to celebrate this special anniversary.

Discover the Parks Canada network by visiting exceptional places and living unforgettable experiences.

 Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site
Come Celebrate with Parks Canada! 
Fisgard Lighthouse National Historic Site

© Parks Canada

A world first

A hundred years ago, the first national park service in the world was created … here in Canada.

Now, in 2011, Parks Canada is celebrating its 100th birthday throughout the country—and you’re invited!


Banff National Park Banff National Park
© Parks Canada

Simply awesome

The majesty of the Rocky Mountains. The tranquility of a woodland lake. The grandeur of the Canadian Prairies. The magnificence of Old Québec. The mystique of the northern landscape. The splendour of Canada’s marine life. The magic of 18th-century Louisbourg....

Over the past century, Parks Canada has been busily protecting some pretty amazing places, close to our hearts and not far from our homes. These natural and cultural gems belong to all Canadians, the unforgettable experiences are uniquely yours!


Come join in our centennial celebrations! Come join in our centennial celebrations!
© Parks Canada

Map Map of Park Canada's network of National Parks, National Historic Sites and National Marine Conservation Areas. Download a PDF version of the map. (PDF 817 KB)
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Come Celebrate!

Many centennial events—including free concerts and fun activities for the whole family—will be held throughout 2011 at Parks Canada places and in Canadian  communities throughout the country. Stay tuned and visit us online at:

More reasons to celebrate!

The annual Parks Canada Discovery Pass lets you save on admission and visit over 100 national parks, marine conservation areas and historic sites over and over again! Passes available at or 1-888-773-8888.

With our Campground Reservation Service you can plan your camping experience and reserve a campsite in the campground of your choice! Service available at or 1-877-RESERVE (1-877-737-3783).

Bringing you Canada’s natural and historic treasures


Connect with history Connect with history
L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site

© Parks Canada
  • … stroll through historic streetscapes and buildings from a bygone era …
  • … savour a period-style meal in an 18th-century fortress …
  • … imagine the hardships and passion of Canada's earliest pioneers and settlers …
  • … marvel at the ingenious creations of world-famous inventors …
  • … discover what artifacts can tell us about the past …
  • … explore historic ruins, fortifications and renowned World Heritage sites …
  • … meet the people who left their mark on Canada's history …
  • … tour an Aboriginal cultural landscape …
  • … embark on a journey of discovery …
  • … delve into the past and trace the events that shaped our nation …
  • … see the unearthed remains of an ancient Viking settlement


Connect with nature Connect with nature 
Prince Albert National Park

© Parks Canada
  • … listen to the call of the wild and explore fragile landscapes through interactive exhibits …
  • … relax and unwind around an open campfire …
  • … discover the magic of nature through storytelling and guided walks …
  • … inhale the earthy fragrance of an old-growth forest …
  • … paddle along quiet riverbanks, rocky lakeshores and rugged coastlines …
  • … escape to the peaceful solitude of the backcountry wilderness …
  • … view fascinating marine life through a glass-bottom boat …
  • … cycle along a scenic coastline, a mountain path or a forest trail …
  • … snowshoe through pristine winter landscapes …
  • … admire breathtaking vistas from a mountain lookof …
  • … watch birds swoop and soar …

Connect with Parks Canada to plan your own unforgettable experiences

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