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Archaeology and Aboriginal Partnerships at Parks Canada

Aboriginal Participation to the HMS Investigator Research Project

The HMS Investigator Rediscovery Project —which successfully found the wreck of Franklin search vessel HMS Investigator, the graves of three sailors and a late Pre-Dorset site in Mercy Bay, Aulavik National Park, included a significant amount of aboriginal involvement, from community input at consultations, to the participation of four Inuvialuit Parks Canada employees as integral members of the land archaeological team. Aulavik NP Site Manager John Lucas, Jr., RCPSS Mervin Joe and Neegoeonak Abel Joseph Kudlak and archaeological assistant Letitia Pokiak provided critical advice and support in the planning and field work stages and share a big part of the project’s success. All four will also take part in the 2011 season in Mercy Bay, due to start in mid-July. Follow the archaeologists online at

Minister Prentice with archaeological team, Aulavik National Park Minister Prentice with archaeological team, Aulavik National Park, left to right: Mervin Joe, Jonathan Moore, Henry Cary, John Lucas, Joe Kudlak, Ryan Harris, Jim Prentice, Letitia Pokiak, Ifan Thomas, Edward Eastaugh and Thierry Boyer
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