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Feasibility Assessment for the Proposed Lancaster Sound National Marine Conservation Area

Feasibility Assessment Process

Observation of fulmars
Observation of fulmars
© Parks Canada/ W. Lynch

This broad study of the Lancaster Sound proposal will take between two to three years.

A feasibility assessment includes:

Terms of Reference. Identifying the study area, creating a project team and initiating the most important background research. Status: In progress.

Studies. Includes the collection and analysis of traditional ecological knowledge, ecological, cultural and socio-economic information. Status: Not started.

Issue Identification and Analysis. Assess current marine resource uses and develop conservation targets. The issues and opportunities identified through public consultations are examined. Status: Not started.

Prepare Preliminary NMCA Concept. Complete the information collection and analysis. A preliminary concept is prepared, including a draft vision for the national marine conservation area, with boundary options and a preliminary zoning concept. Status: Not started.

Prepare Report of Recommendations to Governments. A negotiation of an agreement for the creation the NMCA will follow. Status: Not started.