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Vuntut National Park

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© Parks Canada / Leila Sumi

Meet the People Who Call the Arctic Home

Meet the People Who Call the Arctic Home
© Government of Yukon

Your adventure begins when you leave behind your daily life to discover the way people live in the north. Be sure to allow time in your itinerary to rub shoulders with local people and staff. You can expect a warm welcome! At the John Tizya Centre in the community of Old Crow you’ll learn about Vuntut Gwitchin culture.

Explore Old Crow, home of the Vuntut Gwitchin

The Spirit of Vuntut

The Spirit of Vuntut
© Parks Canada/ C. Siddall

Feel the spirit of Vuntut National Park as you immerse yourself in a prehistoric landscape that predates the last ice age. Scan the horizon and see thousands of caribou crossing mountains into river valleys. Stand in the warm golden light of the midnight sun and witness the explosion of life on the summer tundra. Here, arctic wildflowers and rare plants thrive as they did when this land was part of the Beringia Region.

Have Your Own Authentic Arctic Wilderness Adventure