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Kluane National Park and Reserve

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Kathleen Lake Angler Survey Results:  What We Learned From You

© Parks Canada

Thank you to all who participated in the angler surveys conducted on Kathleen Lake in the summer of 2015. We spoke to 99 parties over 24 days randomly chosen throughout the summer.

  • We estimate that 1170 anglers fished Kathleen Lake in the summer. The total time spent fishing was over 2900 hours.
  • On average, eight anglers fish Kathleen Lake for a total of 20 hours a day. This fishing effort is relatively high compared to other Yukon lakes.
  • Catch of lake trout (fish/hour) was relatively high compared to other Yukon lakes.
  • Most anglers came from Whitehorse (43%), followed by locals (19%) and other Canadians (17%). The remainder came from the United States (10%) and Europe (11%).
  • Guided parties have not increased. 13% of anglers were guided in 2015; similar to 15% in 2004.
  • While most anglers were aware of the decline in kokanee salmon, 30% were unaware.
  • While most anglers were concerned about the spread of aquatic invasive species, 30% were unconcerned or neutral. This is concerning because 38% of anglers come from outside of Yukon.

Your participation helps us manage and protect the aquatic ecosystems in Kluane National Park and Reserve. Thank you.
If you have any questions, please contact:

Infrastructure Investments

© Parks Canada

Parks Canada is investing an unprecedented $3 billion dollars over five years to support infrastructure work within national historic sites, national parks, and national marine conservation areas across Canada.  There are two new projects underway at Kluane National Park and Reserve:

Work will soon begin on fixing the main entry road to the Kathleen Lake Campground Day Use Area, campground loop road and day-use/boat launch area. A secondary exit road from the campground will be completed for additional visitor safety. Campground upgrades will focus on the interpretation area, tent pads, water system and wood storage shelter.

General renovations and improvements will also be made to the Tachal Dhal Visitor Reception Centre, located one hour north of Haines Junction on the Alaska Highway.

As most of this work will be done during the off-season, visitor experience should not be affected.

Overnight Camping or Travelling

Backcountry Permits

© Parks Canada / C. Aikens

Visitors to Kluane National Park & Reserve are required to register prior to and deregister upon completion of any overnight activities during the dates listed here...   Bear resistant food canisters are mandatory in most areas.