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Kluane National Park and Reserve of Canada

Flightseeing & Air Access

Icefields Ranges
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A flight over the icy heart of Kluane National Park & Reserve and its majestic peaks is an experience few people ever forget. This is the best way to grasp how immense and powerful the Kluane National Park & Reserve landscape really is, as many of Kluane's wonders, such as the icefields and Mount Logan are not visible from the highway. There are fixed-wing and helicopter tours into the icefields.

Icefield Discovery

The Icefield Discovery base camp, situated in the heart of the Icefield Ranges, offers visitors a unique opportunity to experience the icefields.

Air Access

In most cases aircraft are not allowed to land in the park, but there are a few designated landing areas to support longer hiking tripsAlsek River trips and mountaineering expeditions.

Aircraft Landing Permits

An Aircraft Landing Permit must be obtained for each and every landing within the park. This is the responsibility of the hiking/rafting/mountaineering party. Aircraft Landing Permits may be obtained at the Haines Junction and Tachäl Dhäl (Sheep Mountain) Visitor Centres.

Fees apply.

Licensed Operators

The following companies are currently licensed to land in the park.