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Kluane National Park & Reserve of Canada

Mountaineering Permits

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Aircraft Landing Permits

An Aircraft Landing Permit must be obtained for each and every landing within the Icefields. This is the responsibility of the mountaineering expeditionFees apply.

Guide Permits

All persons intending to guide a mountaineering expedition into Kluane National Park & Reserve require a license to do so. Please contact Kluane National Park & Reserve for a Business License Package.

Icefields Mountaineering Permits

All persons spending time within the Icefield Ranges of Kluane National Park & Reserve must have an Icefields Mountaineering Permit. You must apply for your permit in advanceFees apply.


It is mandatory that each expedition deregister in person or by phone with park staff as soon as possible upon completion of the trip.

Failing to deregister is a violation of Park Regulations and will result in a search being initiated. If you fail to check back in you may be financially responsible for the search.

Applying for your Permits

Mountaineering groups are encouraged to apply for your mountaineering permits a few months in advance of the start of your trip.To apply:

  • Each member of the expedition must complete an Application to Participate in an Icefields Mountaineering Expedition and sign the attached waiver.
  • Each expedition must provide an itinerary of the planned trip that describes the route, air carrier, radio communication, arrival and departure dates and a list of the mountaineering equipment to be used. Each expedition must show in its application that it has the knowledge and equipment for self-rescue as well as a means of communication in the event of an emergency.

Submit all of the above information for your expedition, as a package, to:

Mountaineering Registration
Kluane National Park & Reserve
Box 5495
Haines Junction, Yukon

TELEPHONE: 1-867-634-2329 ext. 303
FAX: 1-867-634-7208

Every member of the expedition must view the Mountaineering in Kluane National Park & Reserve video, available at Kluane National Park & Reserve.