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Kluane National Park and Reserve


Mountaineer on the King Trench route of Mount Logan
© Parks Canada / M. Martin

The Icefield Ranges of the St. Elias Mountains occupy two-thirds of Kluane National Park & Reserve's interior and represent a portion of the most extensive non-polar Icefield in the world. Major mountains that are found within the Icefields of Kluane National Park & Reserve include: Mount Logan (5,959 m), Mount St. Elias (5,489 m), Mount Lucania (5,226 m), King Peak (5,173 m), Mount Steele (5,073 m), Mount Wood (4,842 m) and Mount Vancouver (4,812 m), to name a few.

The mountaineering season generally extends from mid-April to mid-June. Climbing parties must apply in advance of their trip and all climbers are required to register.

Planning your Expedition

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