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Transcript for One week in Ivvavik National Park

[There is no spoken dialogue associated with this video


[Text on Screen] One Week in Ivvavik National Park

5 caribou in the frame, one staring at the camera

[Text on Screen]Each Spring, the caribou herd returns to the coastal plains to calve

Small groups of caribou move across the video frame, some stop to put their muzzles to the ground

[Text on screen] These photos are from June 16 to 23, 2012, at a natural mineral lick

[Text on Screen] The herd is estimated at 169,000 animals

A cow and several calves are licking the ground

[Text on Screen] Most calves are born within a few days of each other

A cow and calf walk right to left across the frame

[Text on Screen] Cows time their arrival with the green up of plants to forage on

Three caribou in frame eating plants and licking the ground

[Text on Screen] Caribou calves mature quickly to outrun predators

Four adult caribou and 1 calf walk through the scene

[Text on Screen] The best Inuvialuit athletes are said to have "caribou lungs"

Five adult caribou and 3 calves walk through the scene

[Text on Screen] Where the caribou go, the wolves follow

Close up of wolf nose sniffing camera. No caribou in shot

[Text on Screen]The herd migrates 1300 km to forage and seek relief from insects

The rear end of a caribou exits right with a large swarm of bugs chasing afer it

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