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Ivvavik National Park of Canada

Research and Monitoring

Research and monitoring are essential for managing our national parks. Both activities lead to a better understanding of the cultural and ecological resources of parks and how these resources are affected by natural changes and human caused disturbances.

Recent projects in Ivvavik include:

  • wildlife population surveys for Porcupine caribou, muskoxen, moose, Dall's sheep, raptors, and breeding birds
  • sea temperature and storm surge monitoring
  • vegetation and terrain survey
  • weather and permafrost monitoring for climate change
  • water quality monitoring
  • Niaqulik archaeology salvage project

For more information, contact the Parks Canada office in Inuvik for a copy of the Annual Report of Research and Monitoring in National Parks of the Western Arctic .

Guidelines for Conducting Research in the National Parks of the Western Artic Field Unit.