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Ivvavik National Park of Canada

Park Management Plan

Park management plans guide park managers in the protection, management and operation of a national park. A park's management plan outlines the appropriate balance of conservation, education and visitor use goals and sets out the framework and priorities for achieving them. It also identifies a strategy for park managers, stakeholders and the general public to work together over the long term.

The Ivvavik National Park Management Plan was prepared cooperatively between Parks Canada and the Inuvialuit. The opportunity for the broader Canadian public to contribute their knowledge, expertise and suggestions was also a cornerstone of the planning process. Public meetings were held in Aklavik, Inuvik, Whitehorse and Old Crow to review drafts of this plan.

This plan sets out a strategy for the care and management of Ivvavik as a wild, unspoiled Arctic wilderness with outstanding natural and cultural values. It recognizes the right of Inuvialuit for continued subsistence usage in the park, reflecting the importance of traditional users who value the land, and ensuring that the park remains an oasis of beauty as well as a model of conservation practices.

In keeping with the Canada National Parks Act and the park establishment agreement, this plan will be reviewed, with public involvement, every five years.

To receive a copy of the Ivvavik National Park Management Plan please contact the Park Office in Inuvik.

Printable version (PDF, 1.44 MB)