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Ivvavik National Park of Canada

Special Events 2013

The Parks Canada team awaits the start of the Canada day parade. Canada Day in Inuvik
© Parks Canada

July 1, 2013 - Canada day parade

Parks Canada will be joining the community parade in Inuvik to celebrate Canada day. Come meet Parka, Parks Canada’s mascot who loves to meet families at special events!

A Parks Canada team member demonstrates bird stuffies to a group of children. Parks Day in Inuvik
© Parks Canada

July 20, 2013 - Parks day

Parks Canada and NWT Parks are pleased to offer Parks Day celebrations at the Western Arctic Visitor’s Center on Saturday July 20th in Inuvik. There are activities and crafts for the whole family. Please join us for a cup of Labrador tea and bannock!

July 26th to 28th, 2013 - Parks Day / Shingle Point Games

On the weekend of July 26th to 28th, Parks Canada will be at Shingle Point to celebrate Parks Day and Shingle Point games with the community of Aklavik. Join us for Kipotuk (ring toss) played under the midnight sun; it’s always a great event!

A kipotuk set A kipotuk set
© Melinda Gillis / Parks Canada
Two people engage in a game of kipotuk (ring toss). Parks Day and Shingle Games at Shingle Point
© Kayla Arey / Parks Canada