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Ivvavik National Park of Canada


Experiences to discover

A Raft on the Wild Side

rafting Raft on the wild side
© Parks Canada / JF Bisaillon

Looking for a unique thrill in new and spectacular surroundings? How about a remarkable Arctic adventure? Dare to raft the untamed waters of the Firth River! Travel through millions of acres of mountains, tundra and translucent waterways. Experience wildness like few others before you. You can count on it. This is THE wilderness journey of a lifetime!




One of the Last Few Great Migrations

One of the Last Few Great Migrations One of the last few great migrations
© Parks Canada / R. Larsen

Be awakened to a crisp arctic summer morning by the exquisite clicking of distant caribou hooves. Scan the horizon and see thousands of caribou crossing mountains into river valleys. As your heart quickens at these majestic views, you’ll know you are one of the privileged few to witness these sights and hear these sounds. It’s a memory of a lifetime!

Never Ending Daylight

24 sunlight Never ending daylight
© Parks Canada

You can read about it, see pictures of it, imagine it, but nothing will truly prepare you for the midnight light! Paddle. Hike. Camp. At three o’clock in the morning you’ll be smiling as the sun still shines in the arctic night. Don’t forget to set the time in the camera and take a picture! Otherwise, who will believe you?

Meet the People Who Call the Arctic Home

local person Meet the people who call the arctic home
© Parks Canada / R. Buchanan

Your adventure begins when you leave behind your daily life to discover the way people live in the north. Be sure to allow time in your itinerary to rub shoulders with local people and staff. You can expect a warm welcome! At Parks Canada’s visitor centres in the communities adjacent to the parks, you’ll learn about these fascinating northern cultures.

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