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Prince Albert National Park

Management Plan

The Prince Albert National Park Nature Centre Advisory Board meets to discuss new exhibits.
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Park management plans are important documents that provide a long-term vision for our national parks by outlining key strategies for maintaining and improving the ecological integrity of the park, facilitating high-quality visitor experience opportunities and conducting effective outreach, engagement and promotional activities. Every national park in Canada has a management plan and these plans are renewed every 10 years.

Park Management plans are developed through consultation with Indigenous Peoples, partners, stakeholders and the public. The public consultation process allows Parks Canada to achieve its mandate and adhere to the Agency’s guiding principles. This collaborative approach builds relationships, improves understanding and respects the traditions of those who have a connection to Parks Canada places. Management plans developed through public consultation achieve better results thanks to the support and understanding of Canadians.

Management Plan 2018 - Planning for the future

Management planning in Prince Albert National Park is now underway. The park planning team is in the process of developing a draft plan that will contain a proposed vision for the park, and identify major issues and opportunities to address in the future. Consulting with Indigenous partners, the general public, our stakeholders and partners on this draft plan is a priority for the team.

As the management planning process moves forward, updates and news bulletins through the park website and local media. Please review and comment on our progress as well as participate in the discussion.

Management Plan Review - Bulletin #1 (PDF, 3.5 MB)

Your voice matters!

If you wish to receive updates, provide feedback and attend a management planning workshop or open house, please email

Prince Albert National Park 2008 Management Plan (PDF, 2.81 MB)