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Prince Albert National Park of Canada

Bison Partners

Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards

The Sturgeon River Plains Bison Stewards Inc. is a not for profit organization formed to help promote stewardship of the free ranging Plains bison population, particularly on private land along the southwest boundary of the Prince Albert National Park. The group consists of local landowners and other stakeholders.

They are focused on confronting any challenges that arise as the Plains bison population becomes more prominent on private land. They have created an entity that can receive funding for management on private land, and will be responsible for developing programs and distributing funding. This will fill a large gap in the overall effort to manage the population. They are also focused on identifying economic and educational opportunities that may present themselves, and creating an atmosphere where these opportunities can flourish.

The Stewards are currently working to obtain funding from government and non-government sources, as well as to investigate other options that exist for farmers (i.e.: Environmental Farm Plan, Sask. Environment Depredation Prevention Program, Sask. Power Solar Incentive, etc.) and how they can assist them to become involved with these programs. Once funding is secured, and a plan established, they will begin to assess needs and look at requests for assistance.

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Program Coordinator:
Gord Vaadeland