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Prince Albert National Park of Canada

Educational Programs

Children with a park interpreter by a lake.
On a park educational event concepts like 'adaptation' and 'web of life' can be translated into personal experiences.
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We invite teachers and students to Prince Albert National Park "On the Southern Edge of the Great Northern Forest." It is a place where you might hear an elk bugle, investigate a wolf kill, explore a fox's den-site, discover a carnivorous plant or hike the rolling hills; gifts of the glaciers. Concepts like 'adaptation', 'web of life' and 'food chain' can be translated into a personal experience with the natural world. It is resource-based learning at its truest.

Booking a Guided Field Trip

Guided activities can be scheduled with one of the park's interpreters during a three-week period near the end of May through to mid-June. A letter or telephone call to the Interpreters is essential in order to work out the organization of your visit to the park.

Groups are also encouraged to come to the park in the shoulder and winter seasons (September to April). During these months, the interpreters are generally available given a three-week notice of your trip.